Discover your WILD side!!!

Let us introduce you to a new precision dye technology to Australia, Wildcolor, made in Italy is here. Wildcolor has unique items infused with special oil edition that makes it one of the industries most innovative collections, consisting of 151 new shades including naturals in a mega sized 180ml tube. Special Oil Edition Argan, Macadamia Oil, Olive, Jojoba with the addition of the Helichrysum Italicum. Stoichiometrically Balanced Formulas For maximum performance and respect of the hair. PRECISION DYE TECHNOLOGY The highest standards of the production technology, allow an unparalleled management of the dyes never reached before. A guarantee of quality and consistency of the results. EXACT CHEMICALL BALANCED FORMULAS FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE AND RESPECT OF THE HAIR. COLORS IN A 180ML TUBE For maximum quantity.

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Wild Color

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