About Palladio Beauty Group
Palladio Beauty Group is the manufacturer of such brands as "Palladio herbal and vitamin enriched cosmetics" and "The Rice Powder Company". Both brands are manufactured with only high quality ingredients and utilizing fashionable, unique components. The brand "Palladio" is a full line of color cosmetics that consists of; Lipsticks, Lip glosses, Mascaras, Blush, Eyeshadow and Foundations. All products are enriched with vitamins and herbs such as Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea, Chamomille, Ginseng, Aloe Vera & Vitamins A, C, D, & E.

Palladio is currently distributed in beauty outlets throughout the United States and Internationally. "The Rice Powder Company" is a rice enriched line of cosmetics that consists of facial products that have the added benefit of controlling the facial oils that cause shine.

We at Palladio Beauty Group do not condone animal testing. Our finished products are tested on office volunteers. Although we have control over the finished products we do not have control over the suppliers of raw materials. We make every effort however to use suppliers that have the same no animal testing policy as we do.

We appreciate the care and concern of our customers and do our best to see this policy is strongly upheld.